HTS-FB1 Single axis fiber optic gyroscope
    发布时间: 2020-07-13 10:34    

HTS-FB1 Single axis fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) an all solid state high precision angular rate inertial sensor which integrates optics, mechanics and electricity. Adopting RS422 digital communication mode is convenient for users. It is an ideal inertial device to replace the traditional mechanical gyroscope.           

Application: high precision inertial navigation system, positioning and orientation system, attitude measurement system, servo stabilization system and other fields.

Product Specification


±300 °/s (adjustable)

Settling time

30 s

Bias stability (10s smooth)

≤0.015 °/h

Bias stability 2h continuous test (100s smooth)

≤0.005 °/h

Bias repeatability, test 6 times

≤0.01 °/h

Bias stability (full temperature)

≤0.02 °/h

Bias repeatability (full temperature)

≤0.02 °/h

Random walk coefficient

≤0.001 °/h1/2


≤0.005 °/h

Scale factor non-linearity (room temperature)

≤10 ppm

Scale factor stability (room temperature)

≤20 ppm

Scale factor repeatability (full temperature -40~+60 °C)

≤30 ppm

Operating temperature

-40~+60 °C

Storage temperature

-50~+70 °C

Magnetic field sensitivity

≤0.005 °/h /Gauss

Band width

≥200 Hz


120*120*38 mm

Power supply

±5 V

Steady state power consumption (full temperature)

<5 W


≤900 g

Mounting holes distance

94*94 mm

Mounting holes



4.2 g, 20 Hz~2000Hz

Installation flatness

≤0.01 mm