HTS-GJ1 Dynamical tuned gyro
    发布时间: 2020-07-08 11:00    

This dynamically tuned gyro is designed for dynamical positioning and orientation in the drilling field, with small dimension, light weight, and high working temperature, was mainly used in borehole gyro survey tools, wellbore logging tools, and many other system for north seeking or orientation.

Product Specification

Random Drift

≤0.8 °/h

Day by Day Drift

≤1.5 °/h

Drift Caused by Axial Mass Unbalance

≤15 °/h/g

Drift Caused by orthometric Acceleration

≤15 °/h/g

Driving Motor, Three Phase 


Synchronizing Time 

≤2 s

Maximum Precession Speed of the Gyro

350 °/s 

Operating Voltage

±12~±15 V

Operation Temperature

-10~+70 °C(100 °C is customizable)


150g, 6 ms


Φ21.8*30 mm