Learn about high-precision quartz accelerometers
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Learn about high-precision quartz accelerometers

Quartz flexible accelerometers have been widely used in various modern inertial systems. Guidance systems such as missiles, aircraft, ships, tanks, and underwater missiles must have speed and position information. People use airspeed meters, Mach sensor, odometer, etc.

Application fields: aerospace high-precision navigation system, inertial navigation, navigation positioning, flight attitude control or geological exploration strapdown system.

The working principle of quartz flexible acceleration sensor

The yoke is composed of a soft magnetic material with low temperature coefficient and good magnetic permeability. The magnetic steel is processed by a grinder with a permanent magnetic material with relatively good magnetic permeability.

The material of the flexible sheet is quartz glass with excellent temperature performance, and the shape is made of ultrasonic processing. The processing of the flexible element generally uses a chemical etching method. The entire flexible sheet can also be processed by a reactive ion etching process, but the cost is high.

The amount of differential capacitance change caused by acceleration is detected by the differential capacitance detector in the servo circuit, and its output is current, which is converted into output voltage by the current integrator, and then the transconductance compensation amplifier converts the voltage into output current. The magnitude of this output current It is proportional to the input acceleration.

The quartz flexible acceleration sensor is a single-axis torque feedback accelerometer, which detects the external acceleration signal by detecting the quality, then demodulates and amplifies the servo circuit, and finally the output current signal is proportional to the acceleration signal.

The performance indicators of the quartz flexible acceleration sensor have high measurement accuracy, good repeatability, high reliability, small size, light weight, wide voltage and low power consumption.