The composition of the quartz flexible accelerometer
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The composition of the quartz flexible accelerometer

As this kind of quartz flexible accelerometer technology, its structure and process are greatly simplified. This kind of quartz flexible accelerometer has been widely used in various modern inertial systems.

The working principle and structure are composed of soft magnetic materials with low temperature coefficient and good magnetic permeability. The magnets are made of permanent magnetic materials with relatively good magnetic permeability and processed by a centerless grinder. The material of the flexible sheet is quartz glass with excellent temperature performance. The shape is made of ultrasonic processing. The processing of flexible components generally uses chemical corrosion methods; the entire flexible sheet can also be processed by reactive ion etching technology, but the cost is high

The differential capacitance change C caused by acceleration is detected by the differential capacitance detector in the servo circuit. Its output is current. This current is converted into output voltage by the current integrator, and then the transconductance compensation amplifier converts the voltage into output current. The output current is proportional to the input acceleration. The polarity depends on the direction of the input acceleration.
The use of quartz flexibility. Navigation and guidance systems for weapons, missiles, aircraft, ships, tanks, military vehicles, etc. must have speed and azimuth information. In low-demand situations, people use airspeed meters, Mach sensors, odometers, etc. But with the advancement of the requirements for weapon system functions, the above-mentioned products can no longer meet the requirements. The linear accelerometer can be installed in the moving object to directly measure its acceleration, and then get the speed and orientation. It has high measurement accuracy and good dynamic function, which is much better than the air speedometer and odometer. Therefore, the use of linear accelerometers in inertial navigation guidance systems is one of its most important applications.