Unmanned helicopter for emergency rescue
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In the various measures of disaster relief and emergency disposal, air rescue has the advantages of rapid, efficient and less limited by geographical space. It has become an effective rescue method widely used by many countries in the world, and has formed a relatively complete air rescue system. However, unmanned helicopter has become an important equipment for disaster prevention and emergency rescue due to its unique flight characteristics. With the establishment of the newly established emergency management department of the State Council, the unmanned helicopter disaster prevention and mitigation emergency industry will also have a bright future.           

Experts said that unmanned helicopter has the characteristics of low cost, high flexibility, good mobility and low environmental requirements. In the complex climate and geographical environment, unmanned helicopter can also effectively avoid the problems of casualties of rescue personnel, which is very suitable for taking the lead in emergency rescue and quickly penetrating into the disaster scene. At the same time, relying on advanced remote sensing, communication and other technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles participate The aviation emergency rescue can also detect the disaster situation in real time and transmit the data back, which has become an indispensable part of rescue, and shows great potential and product demand in the emergency rescue market.